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Marie S. Brasholt, Annie Bremmelgaard, Lis Danbæk, Kaare Weismann & hygiejnesygeplejerske Lene Theil
Ugeskr Læger 2002;164(21): 2748-52.
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52.- 2748
Summary Scabies. Ugeskr Læger 2002; 164: 2748-52. The aim of this review is to draw attention to the fact that scabies still causes clinical problems and gives rise to epidemics in hospitals and institutions. We describe the clinical aspects of ordinary and crusted scabies and newer diagnostic methods, such as epiluminescence microscopy and PCR. The current treatment of scabies in Denmark is mentioned, and the importance of simultaneous preventative treatment of household contacts and hygienic measures in the surroundings is emphasised. The role of ivermectin in the treatment and prevention is briefly described. A series of scabies epidemics in hospitals and institutions are discussed with emphasis on factors influencing the spread and subsequent interruption of the epidemic. It is concluded that each institution should have guidelines for the handling of such epidemics and that the local hygiene unit should be involved immediately in the case of an epidemic.
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