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Treatment of insufficient lactation is often not evidence-based

Paul Bryde Axelsson1, Flemming Bjerrum2 & Ellen Christine Leth Løkkegaard1 FROM: 1) Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Hospital of North Zealand, Hillerød, 2) Gynaecology Clinic, Rigshospitalet
INTRODUCTION Breast milk has many advantages over formula for infants in developed and developing countries alike. Despite intentions of breastfeeding, some women develop insufficient lactation. Treatment options traditionally include breastfeeding education and pharmacotherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS An electronic questionnaire regarding treatment of insufficient lactation was sent to all obstetric departments (n = 21) and neonatal wards (n = 17) in Denmark. Three main questions were included which focused on: breastfeeding education for women, use of pharmacotherapy and availability of ...
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