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Uretertumor viste sig overraskende at være lokaliseret amyloidose

Lisa Lausten-Thomsen1, Katrine Skydsgaard Schou-Jensen1 & Birgitte Grønkær Toft2

1) Urologisk Afdeling, Herlev og Gentofte Hospital 2) Patologiafdelingen, Rigshospitalet


Ugeskr Læger 2020;182:V09190487

Ugeskr Læger 2020;182:V09190487
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Lisa Lausten-Thomsen, Katrine Skydsgaard Schou-Jensen & Birgitte Grønkær Toft:

Tumour of the ureter surprisingly turned out to be localised amyloidosis

Ugeskr Læger 2020;182:V09190487

Localised amyloidosis in the urinary tract is a rare and often benign condition, which is usually clinically mistaken for malignancy. I this case report, a 48-year-old man was referred to the hospital with left flank pain, and CT-urography showed a tumour with calcification in the distal ureter. During transurethral procedure, the tumour was resected macroscopically. Histology revealed the diagnosis of amyloidosis. Follow-up was without signs of systemic involvement or recurrence. This case underlines the significance of preoperative diagnostic biopsy, thus saving the patient from unnecessary major surgery.

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